The ten20 contribution is all about bringing inspiration and innovation to early childhood investment in Australia.

Our purpose is to catalyse, convene and support community led collective impact efforts.

Our singular focus is vulnerable children between the ages of 0-8 over the next ten years.

Our bold goal is to work alongside partners to reduce Australia’s child vulnerability as per the Australian Early Development Census from 22% to 15%.

Our Strategy is Highly Adaptive and Centers on How We:

  • Stimulate our partner’s collective impact initiatives and support their progress.
  • Build learning and actionable knowledge, to guide wisely targeted investment to communities making progress.
  • Generate and broker capacity funding and co-investment for the high potential community driven initiatives.

The Case For Catalytic Philanthropy

  • ten20 commits to funding real, lasting, systemic change and rejects funding solutions that perpetuate the current cycle.
  • We fund social innovation for a new way of working and connecting so we can change the system and outcomes for Australia’s vulnerable children.
  • We innovate where market’s won’t.
  • We have independence and bring different sectors together.
  • We have capacity to adapt our support to building the right conditions with the system, to innovate, learn, fund and act differently together.
  • We have authority to engage with the system on complex social issues.
  • We leap into imaginative, even controversial leadership, treating the community as partners in progress rather than recipients of charity, good intentions or mandates.
  • We support communities to take leadership and action locally.


Learn more about catalytic philanthropy

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