There’s nothing like a visiting international guest to get our sector talking and reflecting. This week we have been talking and thinking about evaluation, as Mark Cabaj from Canada has been in town igniting some fantastic discussion and debate.

Mark is President of the consulting company From Here to There and is an Associate of Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement.

Mark has had an amazing career, from experiencing first-hand the end of communism in Europe and working as an Investment Advisor in Poland’s Foreign Investment Agency, the Foreign Assistance Coordinator for Grants in the Ministry of Privatisation, and the Mission Coordinator for the creation of the United Nations Development Program’s first regional economic development initiative in Eastern Europe.

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The ten20 Foundation was recently asked “what are the questions that guide your practice?”

Here are some from our list:

  1. What beliefs, values and theories underlie our philanthropic practice?
  2. What is the nature of our role and how do we negotiate our expectations with communities and partner organisations and respectfully establish boundaries on what we will and won’t do?
  3. How do we ensure fair, inclusive processes in our work with each other and with communities?
  4. How do we build capacity in ourselves to undertake the work and then assist communities in building that capacity?
  5. How can we best share our learnings with others?
  6. How do we develop a sense of responsibility and accountability to each other and to the shared agenda for change?

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