Perth, March 15-17, 2017
Melbourne, March 20-22, 2017

Learn how to make the community – not your conference room – the reference point for your choices and action.
Applied Learning, Real Life Scenarios, Action not Theory.

Harwood value proposition: “If you Turn Outward and make more intentional judgments and choices in creating change, you will produce greater relevance and impact in your community.”

At the ten20 Foundation, Woodside Energy, FRRR and Philanthropy Australia we recognise we need to shift our ways of working and thinking to solve the complex social problems we have in Australia.

Such a shift requires a change of mindset and practice to place communities, each with their unique contexts and experiences, squarely at the centre of any change effort.

This requires both dedication and hard work.

We are challenging long-held assumptions around how we work, and we are open to fresh ways of thinking and partnering so we can create new and more effective solutions.

As a result, we have come together as a small group of funders and invited The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation to conduct its Public Innovators Labs in Australia.

These labs are internationally recognised for supporting leadership in Turning Outward – working with diverse groups of community and cross sector stakeholders to build the foundations for the mindset and practice shifts we need for success. Rich Harwood brings to the Labs practical, hands on experience of Australian communities ensuring learning is tailored to our cultural context.

We are proud to join with Woodside Energy, FRRR and Philanthropy Australia, with in-kind support from The Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia to host Rich Harwood and his colleagues here for our friends and partners in March 2017 (Perth March 15-17 and Melbourne March 20-22). We hope you will be able to join us on this change journey.


Perth: March 15-17, 2017
– University of Western Australia
: University Hall, 130 Winthrop Avenue, Crawley

Melbourne: March 20-22, 2017
– Melbourne Business School
: 200 Leicester Street, Carlton Vic 3053

Cost: $1,950 (incl gst)

For Philanthropy Australia Members, a 10% discount can be accessed by entering a promotional code upon ticket checkout. For the code, please contact Krystian Seibert –, t: +61 (0)3 9662 9299).

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Who are the Labs for?

The Public Innovator Labs are for people who are leading or supporting work to help address community problems – who we call ‘public innovators’. Public Innovators come to the Labs from a wide range of sectors including NGOs, business, government, philanthropy, research academia and other areas.

Labs are especially suited for:
• People who play a key role in driving and/or funding programs or initiatives that address community challenges
• Senior staff members who lead programmatic areas or are responsible for coordinating community initiatives
• CEOs of organisations that are engaged in community
• People responsible for community outreach, volunteer engagement, donor engagement or other areas around strengthening support of the community

Labs provide a base of practical learning that can be applied to any social issue or change initiative, regardless of its stage of maturity or its size. It is beneficial to come in small teams of 2-4 people to heighten the learning experience.

What we cover in the Labs

What you will learn – how to do 5 things to help to drive the success and impact of local efforts:
1. Turn outward – how to change your own behaviour and choices to make community your first and continuous point of reference. And how to engage others to turn outward.
2. Understand your community – how to use public knowledge to understand community aspirations and needs – how to listen, ask questions and apply learning to your decision making
3. Create conditions necessary for change – how to understand a community’s readiness for change and the stage it is at – how to identify the right conditions to accelerate and support change
4. Choose the right path – how to identify your sphere of influence, choose the best path to success and create an action plan.
5. Make an agreement with yourself – how to identify what rejuvenates you and create a personal covenant

Lab participants spend most of their time in small groups applying the Harwood practice to their real-life challenges. The Lab sessions consist of self-assessments, frameworks, case studies, an actual community conversation and the Public Innovators Collaboration session. All participants will leave the Lab with an action plan. The Lab will consist of up to 80 people

What you get if you attend

• Access to more than 2,000 public innovators worldwide through our Public Innovators Listserv
• Three months of weekly tools, real world case studies, and tips on using what you’ve learned plus our monthly newsletter and Rich Harwood’s blog
• A Public Innovator Toolkit print ready for you to use with your staff and partners
• A library of videos that you can use to spread what it means to Turn Outward

Further information

Brian Smith, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
T: (02) 4722 3909
M: 0424 005 052

Caroline Chernov, ten20 Foundation
T: (03) 8560 4520
M: 0438 389759

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More about The Harwood Institute

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is a nonpartisan, independent nonprofit organisation that teaches, coaches and inspires people and organisations to solve pressing problems and change how communities work together. The Institute partners with some of the world’s largest NGOs and its tools and frameworks have spread to thousands of communities in all 50 states in the US and to Australia and Canada, and have been used by organisations and individuals in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Institute works with communities, networks and organisations and individuals, enabling them to understand, recognize and develop the underlying conditions necessary for relevant, significant and sustainable change.

The Institute’s work is a practice that is rooted in Turning Outward to communities. The Institute trains and coaches public innovators, leaders from all walks of life, and from a variety of sectors, including nonprofits, business, government, philanthropy, libraries, the media, and educational organizations. The Institute’s work focuses on the mindset, practices and culture needed for communities, organisations and individuals to generate transformational change. The practice is supported by unique tools and frameworks that the Institute has developed as a result of its 30 years of experience, and through a diverse and dynamic community of practice that is constantly sharing learning and refining practice across a rich variety of sites and contexts throughout the world.