“ten 20 plays a vital role in the Hive, not only as a visionary funder, but as an active member of the Governance group, contributing ideas, experience and connections.”

(Liz Dibbs, Member United Way Australia Board and Chair, The Hive Mt Druitt Governance Group)

The HiveThe Hive is a passionate group of individuals from the Mount Druitt community, local service providers, government agencies and business.

This dynamic community believes all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Hive is raising the bar for children in Mount Druitt. The children of Mt Druitt deserve the same opportunities in health, education and in life as children in any part of Australia. Families, community groups, service providers, government agencies and businesses all have a role to play. Together we have the power to make a big difference.

The Hive is creating a movement for change to enable residents in Mount Druitt, to lead alongside people from different organisations and sectors.

Mount Druitt is unique. The Hive builds on the strengths in the community.