Seri Renkin, Managing Director of the ten20 Foundation, describes how our new Funders Roadmap, co-designed with the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation in the US, has been developed to ‘de-risk’ funders’ and communities’ investment in innovative collective impact work.

At the ten20 Foundation, we advocate for new thinking, different answers and a more efficient use of resources to create opportunities for everyone in our community. We can see that community leaders and organisations around Australia are increasingly wrestling with questions about how to address the underlying conditions in our society to enable change to occur – and find the support they need to work together for progress. We believe new forms of funding are key to catalysing, convening and sustaining the knowledge creation, learning networks, and changes in practice and mindset required for real transformation to happen.

The ten20 Foundation recognises that people-centred approaches are critical to addressing complex problems and place-based disadvantage. National and state policies and philanthropic approaches must enable solutions that are relevant to people living in unique community contexts. The ten20 Foundation is developing an approach that moves beyond “giving away money” to actually aligning with communities to solve social problems. The really smart investors right now know that you have to do both – invest in the capacity for change, as well as in specific programs.

ten20’s partnership with the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation in the US has helped us to progress our understanding of how to assess the five stages of community life that all communities move through as they align efforts to effect systems change. Each stage has its own implications for the kinds of investments and support that will help a community move forward. For ten20 as a funder, this has been critical to shaping our relationship and support, both for communities seeking to undertake a collective impact approach and other funders looking to align, but needing a road map to “de-risk” the work.

We hope that you will use this tool with your colleagues to have a deep conversation about your investment strategies and how to more effectively align them to the context of the communities you serve.

Read or download the Funders Roadmap, or click on the image below.

Funders Roadmap

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